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You may have known us as Staffmasters since 2002. Unfortunately, some friends in North Carolina have trademarked that name.

So, to eliminate any confusion we are now doing business under our corporate entity TMK Inc. We are uniquely geographically located in Dallas Texas. Our central time zone location means we can recruit on three different coasts when many other firms have gone home for the day. And while we put emphasis on Oil & Gas, we can help you locate and hire all disciplines of developers, programmers, designers, internet marketers, managers and other highly skilled professionals in legal, accounting and administrative roles just as well.

Let's call it "The TMK Inc. Advantage"

So, call us today and find out more about our direct hire, temporary staffing, our direct pay roll features and HR outsourcing programs. We'll help solve those problems that keep you awake at night!

Our Mission Statement

"Quality is rare. Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional service and quality people at the most competitive industry rates, thus insuring real benefit and a long lasting professional relationship."

We take this mission statement seriously. And, so do the Fortune 500 companies we serve. So, whether you need a skilled tradesman or a vice president, we pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time. Simply, when you trust TMK Inc. to help you with a candidate search you can rest easy knowing we will interview, skill test and check backgrounds on all candidates to ensure the perfect fit.

Know Your Recruiting Partner

Candidates Ten Steps to a Successful Interview

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